March 11th - Amsterdam - HL7 v3 implementers / RIMBAA meeting


On March 11th, RIMBAA will host a meeting for HL7 v3 implementers at Amsterdam Airport, the Netherlands, see for draft agenda.
The meeting is especially aimed at European HL7 v3 implementers, and has the aim to exchange software implementation experiences and best practices. The last meeting in Amsterdam was attended by representatives from 4 different European countries. The meeting can be asily attended by flying to and from Amsterdam on one single day.
Topics include: MIF based code generation, the MARC HI Everest code generator (an .net open source toolkit), context conduction, persisting object-nets in a RIM based database, MDD/MDSE, RIM based user interface generation.
Please register (see wiki page above) if you wish to attend - there is no registration fee for this meeting. Should you not be able to attend this meeting - another meeting has been scheduled for November 4 in London, UK.