MedCom (Administrative Coordinator) Denmark

About MedCom


  • History: Established in 1994 in Odense. Today MedCom has 35 employees.
  • Purpose: Developing, testing and disseminating electronic communication via national healthcare communication standards.
  • Constellation: Jointly owned by Danish Ministry of Health, Danish Regions and Local Government Denmark. MedCom is a national non-profit project organisation.
  • Format: Project organisation running in two-year project periods. Currently we are in MedCom’s 10th project period (MedCom10).
  • Approach: User involvement across the whole spectrum, incl. vendors; Dynamic organisation that is adaptable to societal, political and technological changes; “Think small – disseminate big”


 MedCom activities can be divided into four areas:



Project coordination, support and information for healthcare professionals, involved in various national committees, including in the preparation of new initiatives and statistical monitoring of implementation and dissemination.


MedCom develops and maintains documentation of standards for data communication, arranges courses, tests and certifies IT vendors’ implementation as well as offering support and consultancy. MedCom’s standards include EDI letters for message-based data exchange and XML letters for message-based or online data exchange. Builds on Danish profiling of international standards and mutually recognised classification and code systems. In recent years, MedCom has maintained a specific focus on the use of HL7 standards.


MedCom manages a number of public cross-sector IT solutions. MedCom’s role involves establishing specifications of requirements, procurement and follow-up on contractual agreements, vendor management as well as facilitation of user groups and future development. MedCom is the system manager for the Danish Health Data Network (SDN), the joint video infrastructure (VDX) and the national home monitoring database.


MedCom develops proposals, and participates in and coordinates international projects funded by the European Commission, currently under the Horizon 2020 programme. MedCom also promotes Danish eHealth through conferences and visits from abroad and takes part in international standardisation initiatives.

 Role/contribution in Trillium II

·         Administrative project coordinator
·         Task leader of T4.1 and T4.4
Key people involved
Mie H. Matthiesen
Task leader
Lene Taustrup Olesen

Project Assistant

Jan Petersen
Corporate management and link to other EU projects
Task leader
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