Trillium II

Trillium-II responds to the EU-US interoperability roadmap call (SCI-HCO-14-2016), with an outstanding consortium to further advance global Electronic Health Record (EHR) interoperability.
Trillium II TeamActivities surrounding the International Patient Summary (IPS) standards can nurture digital health innovation, lower trade barriers, and advance patient safety & trust, bridging the gap between strategic intent and capability for action by Standards Development Organization (SDOs) striving for interoperability, quality, and safety through standards adoption:
  • Improved international interoperability of eHealth Systems in US, in Europe and globally
  • Accelerated establishment of interoperability standards in eHealth with validated open source interoperability assets and constructive feedback from implementation to SDOs
  • Secure, seamless communication of health related data through clarity and oversight.


Trillium-II builds on the strength of the EU/US MoU on collaboration in eHealth/ Health Information Technology and the vibrant community built with Trillium Bridge, to realize its key recommendation: 
Advance an International Patient Summary standard to enable people to access and share their health information for emergency or unplanned care anywhere and as needed starting with immunizations, allergies, medications, clinical problems, past operations and implants”

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 727745

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