MedInfo 2017 Trillium II Workshop, Hangzhou, China

Medinfo 2017

At the MedInfo 2017 Conference in Hangzhou, China, in August 2017, the Trillium II project held the workshop:

“Building a global community for digital health innovation: the role of patient summaries”.

During the workshop, the Trillium II project was presented to the audience as well as the state of patient summaries in Denmark and the US. Furthermore, the results of a survey on use of patient summaries in disaster and relief situations were presented.

The purpose of the workshop was to promote the project and the Global Community for Digital Health Innovation and collect feedback on the participants’ attitude towards patient summaries.

The workshop participants were invited to discuss which patient summary use cases they considered most relevant for the Trillium II project to focus on and how an international patient summary should be governed.

The results will be part of deliverable on Trillium II deliverable “Social value of IPS standards in United Nations Agency contexts” (D4.1).

New contacts were made during the workshop and valuable input were collected.