HL7 Italy OpenDays 2012

Key International Speakers

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Questa edizione degli OpenDays oltre ad interventi di rappresentanti di Regioni italiane ed esperienze sviluppate in Progetti include alcuni speaker internazionali che rappresentano uno spaccato delle migliori competenze ed esperienze sul tema.

Jörg Caumanns

Jörg Caumanns Fraunhofer FOKUS

Jörg Caumanns is the head of eHeallth topic at the Fraunhofer FOKUS with wide experiences in eHealth infrastructures and security/privacy related issues. Project manager of the "eCR" initiative (electronical Case Record) and the German PHR project. Member of IHE ITI Planning Committee and ITI Technical Committee.

Catherine E. Chronaki

Catherine E. Chronaki HL7 International Board of Directors, HL7 International Council co-Chair, HL7 Europe Foundation coordinator; FORTH-Institute of Computer Science

Catherine E. Chronaki, a senior software engineer at FORTH-Institute of Computer Science, has engaged in eHealth projects at the regional, national, and international level since the early 90's. In her projects, Catherine has been an avid supporter of interoperability recognizing that standards adoption can drive quality and innovation in healthcare. Catherine serves as Affiliate Director on the Board of HL7 International, chairs the European HL7 International Foundation Advisory Group, and represents HL7 on the eHealth Governance Initiative and the eHealth Stakeholders group established by European Commission.

Ana Estelrich

Ana Estelrich International Development Manager, Phast

Ana Estelrich is in charge of liaising Phast's activities with the healthcare international standardization bodies such as IHE, HL7, ISO and recently OMG. She is one of the pioneers of semantic interoperability in the CDA-based National Electronic Health Record in France (Dossier Médical Personnel). Ana has been in charge of the Semantic Services team in the pan-European e-Health project Patients Smart Open Services (epSOS) leading 23 active Member States in developing semantically interoperable specifications concerning vital medical data for cross-border patient treatment, as well as the use of electronic prescriptions. She now oversees Phast's international standardization leadership, with emphasis in terminology management and Institutional Pharmacy.

Ken Rubin

Ken Rubin Chief Architect, [US] Federal Healthcare Portfolio, HP Enterprise Services Co-Chair, OMG Healthcare Domain Task Force; Co-Chair, HL7 SOA Workgroup

Ken Rubin is the Chief Healthcare Architect for the [US] Federal Healthcare Portfolio for HP Enterprise Services. Primarily focused on healthcare enterprise architecture, informatics, and electronic health record interoperability, Mr. Rubin co-chairs and founded the HL7 SOA Workgroup, co-chairs the OMG Healthcare Domain Task Force, and established the Healthcare Services Specification Project (HSSP) - a collaboration between standards bodies to produce health industry SOA standards.

Harold Solbrig

Harold Solbrig Technical Specialist, Mayo Clinic

Harold Solbrig has contributed to the field of terminology services through numerous engagements both within and outside of the standards community, including ISO/IEC JTC1 SC32 WG 2, ISO TC 37, ISO TC 215, HL7, and the OMG. He has served as editor and co-author on multiple international standards and is the architect of the LexGrid data model and LexEVS services and is currently working on integrating classifications, data models and ontologies through semi-structured authoring tools and semantic wikis.